1. Flash Sale

    FLASH SALE!!!!! 10 Pilates classes for $150!  A $280 Value....$15/class              …Read More

  2. A Workout Playlist for Every Genre

    Need Exercise Music? Look No Further! A cardio workout is only as good as the playlist that you’re sweating to. Because we’re all different and our tastes vary widely, it makes sense that our workout music tastes also vary! Because our mantra here at Sculpt + Sweat is to change the workout game …Read More

  3. 7 Secrets To Staying Fit During The Holidays

    From now until New Years Day, your schedule will likely be filled with traveling, festive parties and family gatherings.  It's no surprise that many of us feel our waistlines expanding during the holiday season!  Even the most discipline of people may find it hard to stick to their fitness routine…Read More