This total body workout on the Pilates reformer is for the purist!   By combining the traditional Pilates method with modern techniques, this class will define your core and sculpt your muscles. Those looking for full body workout, improved posture, flexibility, and a mind-body connection will find it here as Pure Reform is sure to strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body!


Get ready to elevate your heart rate, tone your muscles, and burn calories in our 55-minute class! Attached to the reformer, our Jumpboard combines the principles of plyometrics with the strengthening of Pilates for an all-in-one workout. So get your heart pumping and your feet jumping in our Cardio Jump Reform class!


Often times overlooked, stretching is essential to a healthy, balanced body!  Reform + Stretch is the perfect class to compliment and help recover your body from regular workouts or every day stress!  Using Pilates apparatus and various small props, this class focuses on releasing muscle tightness, reducing stress and improving flexibility and range of motion in your joints.  Reform + Stretch will  incorporate various stretching techniques such as static stretching, dynamic stretching, active isolated stretching and myofascial release.  Reform + Stretch will conclude with a relaxation segment.


This advanced class is sure to reform your body and your practice in a whole new way! Advanced Reform Technique is an advanced Reformer class that focuses on technique, core strength, coordination, balance, and control! This class challenges the advanced Pilates student as it moves at a brisk pace and includes intricate choreography and balance sequences. Advanced Reform Technique is perfect for the experienced Pilates student who is looking to push themselves to the next level!

**Prerequisite: Those interested in the Advanced Reform Technique class must have a solid Pilates background and will need to obtain approval prior to taking the class. 


The 3A’s all-strength class on the Pilates reformer is a full body workout with extra focus on the Arms, Abs + Ass! Building on our Pure Reform class, the 3A’s will target and sculpt those troublesome areas! Prepare to zap those stubborn areas in the Arms, Abs + Ass class!


Set to beat dropping music, our signature Barre Pilates Fusion class is unique to Sculpt+ Sweat!  Performed on the Pilates Tower, this class combines  the cardio, flexibility and isometric movements of a Barre workout with the functional sculpting and core strengthening of a Pilates apparatus workout.  This full body fusion workout is an athletic approach to Pilates and dance that will create long, lean dancer-like muscles.  No dance experience necessary!


Power Tower is a dynamic workout using a system of springs and bars to challenge your body!  The tower provides a resistance that promises to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles.  A total body workout with an emphasis on core conditioning, Power Tower builds your deep abdominal muscles while creating sleek, lean muscle definition throughout your entire body.  It’s sure to be your new favorite workout!

**If you are new to Pilates, Pure Reform and Reform Technique + Stretch are the best places to start. Please call the studio if you have any additional questions!