When you think about strengthening your core, what comes to mind? It might be that you envision yourself with flat abs, but a strong core is so much more than that! Training your core to support your body better has a multitude of health benefits. Read on to learn more about what a strong core can do for you, then contact us at Sculpt + Sweat pilates studio to get to work!

What is defined as your core?

Your core is defined as the central area of your body where everything meets. You can think of this space as a link in a chain that combines all the parts of your body into one. Regardless of whether you’re running a marathon or just reaching for the box of cereal on a shelf, most of the motion you are performing originates from your core. This means that weak and inflexible core muscles can actually limit the performance of your legs and arms.

What can strengthening my core do for me?

A healthy core allows for a wide range of motion, but a strong core can do so much more for you than that. We’ve compiled a list of ways that strengthening your core through pilates and can help you in your day-to-day life.

Everyday Activities

Each day, you probably get up and walk to the bathroom, bend over to tie your shoes, lower yourself into a chair, and many other routine tasks. All of these tasks depend on a strong core! Most people have no idea what role their core plays in their daily lives until they begin to feel the pain creeping in. Strengthening your core through pilates can help you keep these daily tasks feeling easy and minimize the risk of core injury in the future.

Working Tasks

You probably perform a few acts during the day that aren’t necessarily routine. For example, lifting weights, twisting around while stretching, and even maintaining proper posture requires you actively engage your core. If you aren’t strong enough for these tasks, they can actually lead to injury.

Healthy Back

Strengthening your core will help you prevent back pain! Studies have shown the debilitating lower back pain affects four out of five Americans at some point. However, with exercises like pilates and other core exercises, you may be able to prevent the pain in the first place.

Enhanced Enjoyment of Sports and Other Physical Activities

If you enjoy golf, tennis, biking, running, swimming, and really any other recreational sport, a strong core can make these activities much more enjoyable. Your endurance increases and your risk of injury lowers. Sexual activities also call for core strength, so a healthy core can even help things be more enjoyable in the bedroom!

Balance, Stability, and Posture

Your core is what stabilizes your whole body and allows you to move any which way you please. That’s why you can walk on rugged terrain without falling over! When you strengthen your core, you are better equipped to handle anything you need to move over. Your core will also allow you to maintain proper posture. While this never seems important at the moment, regularly using proper posture can keep you feeling agile for years to come.

Try Pilates at Sculpt + Sweat

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