Pilates demands a lot from our bodies, so how can we make sure that we have the nutrients needed to build muscle and burn fat? After all, we’re spending hours doing an exercise that we love. How can we be sure it’s going to pay off? Even though Pilates has been around since the early 20th century, it is just now beginning to take off as one of the top fitness exercises available. Today, Sculpt + Sweat Pilates studio is here to share some of our top things to eat and drink to make the most of your workouts.

No one wants to feel nauseated during their workout, so many people opt to skip a meal. However, you want to stay energized and focused on your class! Food is going to keep you feeling your best. Try to eat a whole meal one to two hours before your class, or a small healthy snack about 20 minutes before. The foods that work best should keep your blood sugar up, but nothing too crazy—no one wants dairy burps all through class.

After the workout, make sure you’re eating—even if you aren’t hungry! Your body needs to recover from the hard work you put in, so eating the right foods can help your body repair muscles and restore your energy. High proteins and carbohydrates are a great option, especially if they are lower in sugar.

Water Matters Most

Do what you can to avoid sports drinks, as they are often jam-packed with sugar. With that said, water is the perfect beverage to turn towards in order to stay hydrated! Eight to ten glasses a day will be perfect for those who regularly practice Pilates. However, be sure to skip the juices. They are often packed with additional sugar, which you don’t need. Choose actual fruit whenever possible! The food itself comes with added fiber that will keep you feeling fuller.

Snack the Smart Way

Trail mix, raisins, and mixed nuts are all great options for snacks. Feel free to get creative and add some mixed fruits and granola! Just limit yourself to ¼ of a cup at a time. The main problem people have with snacking is overindulging when they shouldn’t.


Toast is one of the best ways to get some nutrition because of everything you can load up on top to keep you energized! For example, put on some almond butter for a smooth snack or make it a meal by laying on the banana slices and eating veggies on the side. Of course, avocado toast is always an option too. Just mash up an avocado, add some lemon juice, sprinkle on some pepper, and enjoy the delicious flavor.

Hummus Dips

Hummus is one the top ways to get your necessary vegetables in while making your snack feel like an indulgence. Choose carrots, celery, pepper slices, whatever you prefer, and get to dipping! Hummus can help you lower your cholesterol and comes in all sorts of flavors. Keeping this snack on hand is a great way to ensure you make a smart decision when you’re hungry.

Cracking Open the Eggs

The protein from eggs can keep you full for hours and give you the energy you need for your protein workout. One of the best parts of eggs is that you can prepare them however you would like. Make an omelette to get your veggie intake, make hard-boiled eggs for a snack on the go, or choose a sunny side up egg to complement your breakfast.

Red, Red Wine

Wine is just fine for those with a passion for Pilates! Most people know now that a glass of red wine is good for the heart. It even has some wonderful antioxidant benefits. Make sure to limit yourself to just two glasses at a time, though. Wine is still an alcoholic beverage that is packed with sugar and unnecessary calories.

Sculpt + Sweat Pilates in Las Vegas

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