Even if you know all about Pilates, you’d be surprised at the rumors and myths we hear circulating! Some people claim they could never do well at Pilates because of a certain injury. Others think that it’s too easy. Whatever it is that you’ve heard, Sculpt + Sweat is here to reveal the truth. Read on to learn more!

Myth: Pilates is just for women.

Believe it or not, Pilates was actually created by a man, and he designed the exercise for men. Joseph Pilates was a boxer and circus performer who trained both the Hamburg Military Police and Scotland Yard in self-defense before moving to New York in 1926. He opened a studio near the New York City Ballet, so many dancers ended up seeking his help for physical rehabilitation as well as injury prevention. Nowadays, Pilates does seem to attract more women than men. Still, many men’s sports teams have begun incorporating Pilates into their program.

Myth: Pilates is the same as yoga.

Yoga and Pilates have extremely different approaches to movement, breathing styles, and exercises. While there is some overlap in movements, they certainly are not the same. Pilates is much more than just work on a mat—Joseph Pilates created specific pieces of equipment in the 1900s to add to the exercises. They are still in use today, including the reformer, tower, barrel, and more.

Myth: Pilates is too easy.

If Pilates is easy, you aren’t doing it right! Going through the motions properly is challenging, as you need to apply principles of control, concentration, centering, and precision. Without these, you are not really doing Pilates. When done correctly, Pilates is perfect for all fitness levels. It demands core work that creates a challenging but effective workout for most people.

Myth: Pilates is too hard.

Pilates can be challenging, even for those who are in great shape. However, that doesn’t mean it is too hard. Every exercise can be adjusted by a skilled instructor to meet the needs of the participants. Whether you are brand new to these movements or you’ve been working at them for years, there is a Pilates fitness class for you.

Myth: Pilates requires equipment.

While Joseph Pilates created specific equipment for his exercises, he did this to add onto the mat-based portion of the program. The equipment is not at all required! Mat Pilates classes are always an option, and they are an awesome way to get a good workout for your whole body.

Myth: Pilates will only work out your core.

Pilates is great for core strength, but that’s not all it’s good for. Joseph believed in exercise for the whole body, and that the more muscles you use to perform a movement, the more efficient your movement would be as a result. In this end, this system teaches the importance of balance between strength and flexibility.

Myth: Pilates is only for flexible people.

Flexibility is part of Pilates training, but you don’t need to have much of it to get started. The exercises have all been designed to help your body become more limber and widen your range of motion. For those people who are naturally more flexible, Pilates teaches core conditioning that can help them achieve joint stability. Of course, all exercises can be modified to meet your fitness level.

Myth: Pilates is too expensive.

Where you live will likely determine the price of Pilates classes, but you can always ask around and see what sort of deals you can get! Once you do your research, you’ll see that Pilates is about the same price as any other fitness class, including yoga or popular dance fitness classes. And, we all strongly believe that the investment is worth it. Pilates is the perfect exercise regimen to prevent mobility issues and injuries alike.

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