The benefits that Pilates exercises can have on your core are well-documented. Ever since its inception, Pilates has helped countless numbers of people to improve their core strength, leading to happier healthier lives.

Unfortunately, the effects of good core strength are unknown to many. There is a large percentage of people who are unaware of their weak core strength, and similarly ignorant to the life-changing benefits they could experience from strengthening it.

You might think it sounds a little hyperbolic to call core strength “life-changing,” but as Pilates experts, we have seen first-hand the amazing ways that it transforms the lives of our Las Vegas clientele. Here are some of the things that better core strength can do for you:

A Strong Core Can Reduce or Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain, for many, is the boogeyman of the human body. It strikes all the time, seemingly without cause, and it’s extremely hard to diagnose what you need to do to fix it.

As it turns out, Pilates can help a great deal with your back pain. A common source of back pain is your core muscles not being strong enough to support your upper body; this causes your back to work in overtime, compensating for what your core isn’t doing.

By building your core, you’re giving your body the strength it needs to support you. This can greatly reduce your back pain, or eliminate it altogether.

A Strong Core Can Improve Your Posture

The life-changing effects of a good posture can’t be understated. It’s hard to understand how much of a blessing good posture can be, until you’ve gone through the transformation yourself.

From a physical standpoint, proper posture aligns your spine correctly and helps to maintain the core strength you’ve established, as well as preventing grievous neck and back issues that could develop down the road.

A good posture is also psychologically healthy. Having a good posture makes you look more confident and in-control. Once you start to see how much better you look in photos, you’ll start to appreciate that you worked your core; maintaining a good posture without core strength is difficult, because your body will constantly want to slump back into the position that’s less fatiguing for your muscles.

Physical Tasks Will Be Easier

It seems like most adults have accepted the sad inevitability that, with growing up, you’re going to become weaker, less capable, and fatigue easier. In reality, this doesn’t have to be an inevitability at all. Becoming physically decrepit isn’t a requirement of aging, it’s just a side effect for people who don’t put proper care into maintaining their body.

If you strengthen your core through Pilates, you’ll find that a lot of tasks that were tiring before are easier than they ever have been. Sports, picking up things, and even sexual activities all engage your core muscles. You’ll feel like you’re living life in easy mode when you compare your core strength to what it used to be.

Pilates in the Las Vegas Area

If you’re in or around the Las Vegas area and are looking for ways to hone your personal fitness and improve core strength, look no further than Sculpt and Sweat. We offer several different varieties of Pilates Classes, so whether you want to stretch, jump, or even dance, we’ve got you covered! Stop by today, or book a Pilates class!