With mounting pressures at work and the kids demanding your attention all the time, it’s no wonder that you’re stressed all the time. Unfortunately, stress has a way of manifesting itself into physical symptoms, leaving you with aches, tension headaches, stomach problems, and even depression. If this sounds familiar, then we are here to help you! The great news is, an easy and medicine-free way to get rid of your daily stress is simply exercise.

Exercise has been shown to help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. In some cases, it can even help with a common cold. Here are some of the same ways that exercise can help your body experience some stress relief.

Body Systems Working Together

When your body is stressed, every part of it needs to work together in order for you to manage the stress correction. This includes your cardiovascular, nervous, muscular, and respiratory systems. The good news is, exercise demands this cohesion as well. When you work out, you are training the systems of your body to work better together. When your body gets proficient at working with all systems at once, you are better able to handle the pressures of stress.

Endorphin Release

Endorphins are your body’s way of giving you a natural high, and they are released after a period of exercise. Long periods of moderate to intense exercise (such as Pilates!) will increase the amount of endorphins released in your body. This is why it’s almost impossible to end a workout in a bad mood. You’re much less likely to succumb to stress if you have endorphins surging through your body.

Ease Fight or Flight Instincts

Fight or flight is our natural response to situations that we feel threatened by. While this may be a physical threat, our body responds the same way to internal threats—including stress. This becomes a problem when stress doesn’t require either physical fighting or fleeing the threat, but our bodies still provide chemicals to encourage us to do these things. That’s why stress can leave you feeling antsy and unable to sit still. One of the best ways to combat this feeling and ease those instincts is to exercise! Come to Pilates class and get a full body workout to help you relax. It’s how your body was designed to respond.

Concentration Elsewhere

When you perform a challenging exercise, including Pilates, your brain doesn’t have time to focus on your stress. Instead, you will be concentrating on your movements, your breathing, and your muscle control. With so many thoughts occupying your mind, there’s no time to think about the pressures outside the studio.

Human Interaction

Being around others can be therapeutic on its own, but this is especially the case when others are facing daily stress, too! Attending a Pilates class can be a great way to use the energy of the group to power through your workout. It also allows you to interact with others who are working just as hard to forget their stresses. You can take the time before class to make friends, talk about your workout, and forget everything else.

Better Night’s Sleep

Stress can often keep people up at night, and we are sure you are no exception. Of course, not getting the sleep you need often increases stress levels, which creates a vicious cycle. However, proper exercise can break that cycle! First, it will alleviate some of the stress you’re feeling. Next, it will help you feel sleepier and more worn out at night, leaving your body ready to slip into unconsciousness and get the z’s you need.


Stress is oftentimes a result of poor planning or disorganization. That might mean your work life or your home life. However, by committing to a Pilates class a few times a week, you are setting regular goals and expectations that will leave you feeling a sense of achievement. These skills transfer to other areas of your life. Even if your stress isn’t caused from an unorganized calendar, just knowing that you have a few stress-busting workouts to look forward to might be all you need to put your mind at ease.

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