The many benefits that come from routine Pilates exercise are well-documented. It’s no secret that Pilates is beneficial for your body and mind, but none of these things really matter if you can’t get yourself to commit to regular exercise and fitness.

As certified Pilates experts, we want you to be the best version of yourself you can be, and we’ve helped countless people in the Las Vegas area to commit to Pilates, experiencing life-changing results in the process. If you have trouble sticking to a workout routine, whether it’s Pilates, lifting, or anything else under the sun, consider these helpful tips:

Have Specific Goals

Working out feels very arbitrary when you don’t have any goals. Goals are helpful because they give us a measurable point to work towards. They’re especially important in fitness because fitness is comprised of hard work that doesn’t yield immediate results. When you’re spending so much effort for something that feels like it’s having a minimal effect, it’s easy to lose steam. However, when you have specific goals like weight, time, or physique, it gives you a finish line that you can aspire to.

Have a Workout Buddy or Accountability Partner

Pilates can be a much easier endeavor when you consistently do it with someone else. Instead of just a tiring physical activity, it can be a bonding experience. A group effort is more powerful than an individual one, and it can be fun measuring your progress together. If you can’t find a buddy to exercise with, the second best solution is having an accountability partner; somebody you can report your results to who will keep you on track.

Make a Routine

The quickest way to kill a fitness effort is to do it sporadically with no kind of consistency. A routine helps your brain to discipline itself. When you reach the point where you’re doing something every day or every week at the same time, it will start to become a subconscious expectation. Also, with a specific goal, you’re more likely to keep your routine.

For Las Vegas residents, it’s incredibly easy to create a consistent Pilates routine. At Sculpt and Sweat, we offer an amazing variety of different Pilates classes, which have set times. By signing up for a consistent time slot, you can keep yourself coming back for your exercises, which will eventually become a reliable pattern.

Measure Your Progress

Pilates, just like any other physical exercise, won’t yield instant results. Like we mentioned above, it’s hard work that doesn’t bear its fruits immediately, but when it does, it’s an immensely satisfying and motivating feeling.

That’s why it’s a great idea to measure your progress. There are many ways to do this — you can record your weight loss, measure how much weight you can handle in resistance exercises, or simply the poise and technique of your Pilates poses.

And, of course, don’t forget about pictures! For many, there’s no better motivator than comparing their old slobby selves to a new and improved version. There is a reason why before and after photos are so frequently used in fitness marketing; they really are inspiring! Imagine how great it will feel to have your own?

Do Workouts That You Enjoy

While we respect the folks that can push through grueling workouts through sheer willpower, most people have to enjoy what they’re doing to make a habit out of it. We’re all too aware of this at Sculpt and Sweat, and that’s why we offer our Las Vegas clientele a multitude of different Pilates classes! Whether you’re doing a dance-like workout in our Barre Pilates Fusion, leaping about in Jump Reform, braving the Power Tower, or just opting for the traditional Pure Reform class, you can bet that you’ll be able to find a variety of Pilates that’s great for you.

The best part? If you get tired of one, just switch to something new! We have many students that take advantage of our myriad classes, and we know you won’t regret coming to us for a fantastic Pilates workout. Book a class or contact us today!