At Sculpt and Sweat in Las Vegas, you won’t have to look far to realize that we’re crazy about Pilates — we are very strong believers in all of the diverse benefits that Pilates offers. There’s a reason why Pilates has been a foundation of many people’s fitness routines; it’s a proven method that works wonders on your body, from overall flexibility to exceptional core strength.

However, most people tend to only focus on the physical benefits of Pilates. Did you know that there are many mental benefits as well? Indeed, Pilates can be an elixir for your brain as much as it is for your body. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some ways that Pilates helps your mind!

It Helps You Sleep

In general, physical activity tends to help you with your sleep, and Pilates is no exception. When you work your body out and push it to exertion, it’s much more “ready” to lie down for the night since it has a more pronounced need for the recharging effects that sleep affords.

While this might seem like a physical benefit, it’s very much correlated with your mental health. Sleep has a profound effect on the brain, and a lack of sleep has been known to cause stress and anxiety. Pilates will no doubt allow you to count more sheep than ever while you sleep at night, leading to a happier and healthier brain.

Improves Memory

Scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of movement-based exercises such as yoga and Pilates on your brain. Specifically, physical exercise tends to improve neurogenesis, which is essentially the act of creating new brain cells. It also helps produce chemicals that slow the deterioration of your existing brain cells.

The body awareness aspect of Pilates really helps with this; unlike, say, an aerobics or cardio exercise, you’re constantly engaging your mind with Pilates, as it requires an astute awareness of how you’re moving and controlling your body.

Builds Discipline

First of all, Pilates requires the same kind of discipline you build up from any kind of consistent workout — committing to a schedule and following it, despite other obligations and responsibilities, is something that will hugely benefit you in the long run.

Aside from that, however, Pilates has some exclusive benefits that are more pronounced than other workout programs. With Pilates, you have to exert discipline in the actual workout, due to its makeup of tight, controlled body movements. With these exercises, you train your mind as much as your body.

Improves Confidence

Increased confidence is another perk that generally comes from working out in general, but with Pilates, there’s one specific reason why it’s a big confidence booster — it improves your posture!

The effects of posture on your overall health and happiness can’t be overstated. A bad posture makes you look and feel less confident, and if sustained over time, can cause egregious neck and back pain, even going so far as to cause problems in your spine.

Of all the exercises on the market, Pilates is one of the best equipped for handling posture problems.The reason? Pilates specifically targets your core muscles. Though your whole body can get a workout with Pilates, core strength is a foundational aspect of the program and it is constantly being worked.

Your Brain Loves it When You Do Pilates

It’s easy to forget about your brain when you’re so busy working on your body. But the truth is, your mind can benefit as much as your muscles when you work out, especially when you’re doing Pilates. If you’re in the greater Las Vegas area, we would love to help you unlock some of these mental benefits. Book a class today and enjoy reduced prices for new customers!

For more benefits of Pilates on your mind and soul, keep reading on to part two!