Welcome to part two of our blog series about the mental benefits of Pilates! At Sculpt and Sweat, we work tirelessly to help the people of the greater Las Vegas area to experience the incredible benefits of Pilates for both body and brain. Let’s take a look at a few more awesome mental perks that come from regular Pilates workouts.

Pilates Improves Your Knowledge

An old adage that’s frequently quoted in just about everything is “knowledge is power.” Perhaps the reason this quote has stuck around for so long is because it’s true. When you do Pilates, you’ll learn a lot about your body. You’ll learn which muscles do what, why they’re important, and how your body benefits from their strengthening.

Knowledge lends itself to action — by learning important things, you’ll be able to apply them to your life to make meaningful changes which can foster happiness. Pilates isn’t just any old cardio or weights workout; you will gain profound knowledge about the workings of your body. This will be valuable for the rest of your life.

Pilates Makes You Happier

This is less a benefit of Pilates itself, and more a perk of meaningful physical activity in general. It’s a widely known and accepted fact that the act of exercise helps to release endorphins in your body. Endorphins are a naturally produced chemical that makes us happier. That is, when it comes down to it, their main purpose. Happiness isn’t just a mental state that you will yourself into; there are actual chemicals in your brain that help to facilitate it, and working out will help those to come out.

Pilates is a Stress Reliever

Many workouts are effective stress relievers because of the way that they get your body active and moving, which, as we mentioned above, helps to release endorphins. However, Pilates specifically has some stress-relieving perks that not all other exercises have.

One of the core facets of Pilates is identifying the sources of opposition in your body, and gradually honing yourself to overcome them and gain control of your body. Bodily stress and mental stress, while different from each other, are often connected. There’s no need for a complicated explanation for this; when your body is in pain or under pressure, it makes you less happy.

Pilates is an exercise that promotes a calmness of mind. By slowing things down, breathing, and relaxing on the problem areas of your body, you can naturally vent out the stress that has been building up. Who doesn’t want that?

Pilates Helps You to Regulate Your Emotions

Think of every time you’ve been angry, frustrated, or terrified. Was your breathing calm, steady, and collected? Probably not — rapid short breaths, panting, and hyperventilating are all natural behaviors when it comes to high-stress situations. Believe it or not, your emotions are intertwined with the way you breathe, and you’d be surprised at how much proper breathing can stabilize your mood.

Pilates is exceptional for this. Controlling your breathing is an integral part of the program, and essential for gaining control of your muscles and body movements. By learning how to harness the power of controlled breathing, you may just find that you can handle your emotions much better than you could before.

Hone Your Mind and Body With Pilates

We hope this list has helped to enlighten you on all the ways that Pilates can work wonders for your mind. With that being said, why not give it a try? If you’re in the greater Las Vegas area, stop by Sculpt and Sweat Pilates today!