If you want the best results in your Pilates reformer class (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then it’s important to think about all the details before you go. Knowing what is going to set you up for success, as well as what is a no-no in your reformer class, will help you feel more confident as you go get your workout on. Read on to learn some of the top “don’ts” for reformer classes!

Don’t wear the wrong thing

Pilates is a challenging workout that is performed on upholstered material, and it requires you to move around quite a bit. With that in mind, any belts, buckles, zippers, or other metal decorations will cause you to feel uncomfortable when you are on your back, your stomach, and rocking on your spine. Beyond the discomfort, they can actually tear the equipment and leave you paying for expensive repairs. Keep your clothes simple and smooth to protect yourself and the equipment!

Also, keep the fit and tightness of your clothing in mind. Shorts are a good choice, but only if they are tight enough that they won’t fall up your legs when you are in overhead poses. Loose fitted clothing does not work well, as they reveal too much and get in the way. Choose tighter clothing that will stay in place as you move around.

Don’t lose focus

Focus is one of the key parts of Pilates! Even Joseph Pilates, the creator of this exercise regimen, called this fitness method to be equally about physical and mental conditioning. While you might want to climb onto the reformer and relax, that is not what you need to do. Reformers have wheels, moving parts, bars, carriages, straps, and other parts that can hurt a body in motion if you are not careful. Also, should you zone out while your instructor is giving you safety instructions, it’s more likely for you to hurt yourself.

Don’t damage the equipment

The carriage on the reformer is attached with springs that allow you to move back and forth with resistance. Your instructor will gauge where you are at by observing how much control you have over the carriage. However, if you slide out too far, you could fly off the reformer! But letting your muscles all relax and bang the carriage back into place will likely harm both you and the equipment. Be very cautious when using the equipment.

Don’t check your phone

Now isn’t the time to catch up with your friends. Checking your phone will pull your attention from the class and your instructor, and it’s just plain rude. Keep your phone in your bag or your locker, and be ready to be fully present during your Pilates reformer class.

Don’t move too quickly

Pilates, much like yoga and dance, relies heavily on moving at a certain pace. Each exercise has a rhythm that changes depending on the need. Listen carefully to your instructor to see how long you need to hold everything. It may be much slower than you think! If you rush through the movements, you are more likely to injure yourself. Any movement that requires you to bend or twist could be a recipe for disaster if not performed properly.

Don’t think you know more than your instructor

Instructors know just what to do in order to properly challenge and meet the needs of the students in the room. Everything that is done has been specially chosen to meet any specific needs to the group. While you might have some favorite Pilates moves (don’t we all!), don’t try to sneak them in. We recommend following the moves exactly and adhering to the class rules.

Don’t make unnecessary sounds

While you might make noise while exercising, do your best to avoid dramatic grunting. This can throw off your group’s focus, and it may even go over the top of an important instruction from your teacher. Keep your noises under control for the sake of you, your instructor, and everyone else in the class.

Sculpt + Sweat

With all these tips and tricks, your Pilates reformer class should be a breeze. Contact us today and come to one of our classes! We look forward to seeing you soon!