1. The Mental Benefits of Pilates: Part 2

    Welcome to part two of our blog series about the mental benefits of Pilates! At Sculpt and Sweat, we work tirelessly to help the people of the greater Las Vegas area to experience the incredible benefits of Pilates for both body and brain. Let’s take a look at a few more awesome mental perks that …Read More

  2. The Mental Benefits of Pilates: Part 1

    At Sculpt and Sweat in Las Vegas, you won’t have to look far to realize that we’re crazy about Pilates — we are very strong believers in all of the diverse benefits that Pilates offers. There’s a reason why Pilates has been a foundation of many people’s fitness routines; it’s a proven me…Read More

  3. Common Pilates Myths Busted

    Even if you know all about Pilates, you’d be surprised at the rumors and myths we hear circulating! Some people claim they could never do well at Pilates because of a certain injury. Others think that it’s too easy. Whatever it is that you’ve heard, Sculpt + Sweat is here to reveal the truth. …Read More

  4. Best Foods for Pilates

    Pilates demands a lot from our bodies, so how can we make sure that we have the nutrients needed to build muscle and burn fat? After all, we’re spending hours doing an exercise that we love. How can we be sure it’s going to pay off? Even though Pilates has been around since the early 20th centur…Read More

  5. Preparing for Your First Pilates Class

    We know that your first time in a Pilates studio can be a bit overwhelming. After all, there is equipment everywhere that doesn’t necessarily look easy to use. The good news is, Pilates is an extremely professional and client-centered practice. Even if you are concerned about your first class, our…Read More

  6. How to Succeed at Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

    The year is almost over, and 2018 is just about here! With that being said, what sorts of resolutions have you made for the new year? Whether you want to shed a few pounds or just be able to do a number of push-ups in a row, we know we can help. If you have an interest in Pilates, it’s time to cal…Read More

  7. How to Succeed at Fitness New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

    Welcome back! In our last post, we talked about some of the top ways to make sure you stay on track when reaching for your fitness goals. Writing down your goals will make you more likely to remember them and revisit them. Choosing a manageable goal will help you stay on track and not be discouraged…Read More

  8. Pilates to Improve Posture and Work Performance

    We all know that exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Not only does it help keep our hearts and bodies running smoothly, but it can also work better than most drug treatments when it comes to treating ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Many docto…Read More

  9. What NOT to Do in Your Pilates Reformer Class

    If you want the best results in your Pilates reformer class (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then it’s important to think about all the details before you go. Knowing what is going to set you up for success, as well as what is a no-no in your reformer class, will help you feel more confident…Read More

  10. Choosing Pilates Reformer

    When it comes to Pilates equipment, the first one that comes to mind is likely the Pilates reformer! We know that this piece of machinery can leave quite an impression on those who use it, and with good reason. Many people have taken the plunge to purchase one for their home! Today, we are going to …Read More