1. The Purpose and Importance of Flexibility

    If you can’t do the splits, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” when it comes to flexibility. However, flexibility is much more than just the splits! We need to have a certain level of mobility in all our muscles in order to carry out everyday tasks. Simply getting out of bed, scoo…Read More

  2. History and Origin of Pilates

    Whether you’ve never been to a Pilates class in your life or if you’re a seasoned professional, you might not know how this popular exercise came to be! Today, we would like to share more about the origin and history behind Pilates. Contact the team at Sculpt + Sweat today if you would like to l…Read More

  3. Can Pilates Help Your Flexibility?

    We at Sculpt + Sweat know a few reasons why you might be considering pilates classes. First, it’s a great workout that is sure to leave you feeling exhausted but excited for your next class. Second, pilates is one of the top ways to tone your muscles to give you that lean look you’ve been search…Read More

  4. Benefits of Strengthening Your Core Through Pilates

    When you think about strengthening your core, what comes to mind? It might be that you envision yourself with flat abs, but a strong core is so much more than that! Training your core to support your body better has a multitude of health benefits. Read on to learn more about what a strong core can d…Read More