Need Exercise Music? Look No Further!

A cardio workout is only as good as the playlist that you’re sweating to. Because we’re all different and our tastes vary widely, it makes sense that our workout music tastes also vary! Because our mantra here at Sculpt + Sweat is to change the workout game and make exercise something to look forward to, it’s only natural that we also help people find the perfect workout playlist to pump up their daily workout! Here are some playlist suggestions tailored to your preferred genre!

Hip Hop/Rap

You’re the Beyonce fanatic, Travis Scott worshiping, A$AP Mob unofficial member. Your workouts aren’t complete without blasting some of Rap and Hip Hop’s newest, and best, hits. Face it, you’re into getting down, and mad verses paired with innovative production are essential to a complete total-body workout. Here is your mini playlist:

  1. Some Way- Nav, the Weeknd: a slow but steady mix that’s better for more controlled workouts
  2. Back Up- Dej Loaf, Big Sean: an ultimate pump up song to get you squatting and feeling powerful.
  3. Pipe it Up- Migos: It’s not a workout without Migos. Pipe it up or pump it up! Either way, it’s hard to feel unmotivated to this jam.


Working out to get rave outfit ready before Tomorrowland? Or just love some great head banging bass drops? If your workout style is more this than anything else, then implement some of these great jams into your daily workout this week. It’ll totally feel like you’re at EDC Vegas!

  1. Collapse ft. Memorecks- Zeds Dead: Zeds Dead…baby. This duo knows how to mix killer vocals with intense drops for a steady cardio climb followed by movement to get your heart rate pumping.
  2. Divinity- Porter Robinson: Arguably the best cardio workout song ever, Porter Robinson works the buildups and bass drops for an excellent pilates class.
  3. Be Right There- Diplo, Sleepy Tom: A classic that never gets old. Be Right There is an uber fun jam that’s tailored for a satisfying workout.


Even cowboys and country bums need workout jams to get down to. Into music reminiscent of backcountry and nights spent driving cross country in the hand me down Chevy? We feel that. Stick these new country jams into your daily workout playlist and get shaking:

  1. Drinkin Buddies- Logan Mize: Treat your workout class like a cornfield in the summer. It’ll feel like a summer party… minus the beer.
  2. Hooked- Dylan Scott: Turn your workout class into a line dance. This fast paced song will get you sweating like crazy, and for good reasons.
  3. Good Company- Jake Owen: Use this for a warmup or cooldown jam. It’s upbeat but controlled tones make it perfect for getting your workout started or finished!


Take your angst along for a fun ride. We get it, pilates isn’t for your average rrriot girl but that doesn’t have to be the truth. Play these experimental, new jams as you get down to your cool-kid workout routine. Wear your Doc Marten’s for all we care! Here are some workout jams to get your body moving:

  1. Oblivion- Grimes: Start out the workout slow and move along to Grime’s ethereal vocals and bone chilling production. At the drop, your heart won’t stop moving.
  2. Disparate Youth– Santigold: Alright, you didn’t think we’d forget Santigold…did you? This bad a$$ artist knows how to get even the coolest kids grooving. It only starts with Disparate Youth.
  3. Rill Rill- Sleigh Bells: Perfect for the flow-focused pilates class, Rill Rill combines a momentous rhythm and smooth transitions for a fun (but not too fun) cardio workout.


The name ‘Las Vegas’ is derived from the Spanish word for “the meadows,” so it’s only natural that we include our favorite Latino jams in this blog. Plus, Latino artists have a beautiful and unique way with rhythm that can’t be found in other genres. Here are some Latino songs for your perfect playlist:

  1. Me Enamore- Shakira: When has this Colombian Goddess ever let us down? Basically the artist that fueled any 2000’s Zumba class, Shakira is still producing the tunes to get you sweating.
  2. Mi Gente- J Balvin, William: Get those lunges in with this song punctuated by an rythmic beat. Slow, but steady, this song is the song for that consistent routine.
  3. La Rompe Corazones: Daddy Yankee, Ozuna: Oh, you thought we’d list THAT Daddy Yankee song, didn’t you? We know you’re already moving your booty to Despacito, so here’s another dance-worthy Daddy Yankee song.