In recent years, Pilates has become the go-to exercise for a healthy body and a clear mind.  Pilates devotees and Celebrities swear by the method, but if you haven’t heard of the many benefits of Pilates and how uniquely awesome it is, read on……..

 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Practice Pilates:

  • Pilates Is Amazing For Your Abs! – Pilates targets your abs and focuses on your core like no other workout! Referred to as the “Powerhouse”, Pilates works on engaging your abdominal and core postural muscles from the inside out.
  • Pilates Can Eliminate Back Pain! –  Researchers believe that strengthening and stabilizing the lumbo-pelvic region (the deep torso and abdominal muscles) will alleviate stress and increase mobility in the lower back region.  According to the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, researchers found that those with chronic back pain who practiced Pilates regularly for just four weeks found more relief than those who visited a physician or other specialist.
  • Pilates Makes You More Flexible! – Unlike other exercise systems, Pilates focuses more on the eccentric contraction of the muscle (when the muscle is in an elongated position against resistance) that is known for creating long, strong muscles.  This proves to increase flexibility and mobility within the body which will decrease your risk of injury and chronic pain.
  • Pilates Is Easy On The Joints! – Pilates is definitely low impact as far as your joints are concerned.  Like other forms of exercise, there is no pounding in Pilates .  The slow-controlled movements performed in Pilates put minimal impact on your joints….not to mention that the reformer is nicely padded for the comfort of your back and knees!
  • Pilates Is A Great Stress Buster! – Pilates creates a concentration between your mind, body and breath and how they synergistically work together.  This eliminates other thoughts that may normally clutter your mind (i.e. bills, work, etc) for the hour that you are practicing.  Rather than a meditative effect, it has an element of concentration and focus that will provide an escape from the stresses of daily life.
  • Pilates Improves Your Sports Performance! – Pilates ability to build core strength, increase flexibility and prevent injury are all valuable to athletic performance.  Every sport has it’s own key movement patterns that can lead to muscular imbalance over time.  Pilates not only tones your entire body, but rebalances your muscles, thus restoring postural alignment and symmetry within the athletes body.
  • Pilates Boosts Brainpower! – In order to achieve correct alignment, Pilates requires mental focus, concentration and control.  Research from a University in China measured women’s brain activity after training in Pilates for 10 weeks.  They found that Pilates significantly increased their brain function.  This may be why Joseph Pilates referred to his workout method as “the thinking man’s exercise”!