Marathon Training? Stop into Sculpt + Sweat to Crush PRs

Whether you’re a Boston Qualifier or a newbie training for their first marathon, you’ll soon learn that your training will never be complete if it only consists of putting in the miles. Running, while the essential component to the marathon, can only increase endurance to an extent. Without pairing mileage with another full-body workout that focuses on muscles that can’t be worked by running, then your times are sure to taper off. If you’re trying to reach that coveted BQ time, you’ll know that every millisecond counts. Us at Sculpt and Sweat are well aware of the necessity of complementary training and want to see our members succeed! Here’s a list of why pilates can get you marathon ready and celebrating at the end of those 26.2 miles!

Prevent Injuries

If you’re a seasoned runner, then you’ve likely come across at least one injury. Runners’ injuries, whether they be those pesky shin splints or insertional achilles tendinitis which will creep back for years after the initial injury, are normally attributed to a lack of warm ups, stretching, and strength training exercises. Going to a pilates class once or twice a week can both assist in stretching tight muscles while simultaneously strengthening them. The classes at Sculpt + Sweat are designed to strategically work sections of your body, leaving muscles less susceptible to injury. Call us today and we’ll help you decide on the most beneficial class for your training needs.


Not only is stretching essential for injury prevention, but adequate stretching leaves muscles more supple and able to move. Pilates utilizes dynamic, range of motion based stretching exercises that increase both flexibility and strength in the same movements. Static stretching, while safe after an adequate warm up, is still considered inferior to dynamic stretching by many in the fitness community. Our certified fitness instructors use proven techniques in their pilates class that will get your body stretched and strengthened all throughout the months before the big race.   



Increased Endurance

Running is arguably the most purely endurance based activities. However, many runner make the tragic mistake to skip over the cross training and strength training exercises and focus solely on upping mileage. However, you can only go so far with just running. When marathon training, especially if you’re pining for a certain time, it’s essential to cross train. Pilates, a workout that combines cardio, stretching, and strength training, is an exceptional method of filling in the gaps that running alone couldn’t cover. Stop into Sculpt and Sweat and we’ll point you to the perfect class to get you that PR.

Higher Overall Energy

The Rock n’ Roll Marathon is coming to Vegas this November and you better be ready. Unfortunately, marathon training in the blistering Nevada heat is anything but pleasant. Whether you’re waiting until the sun sets around 8:30 or waking up at the crack of dawn to get in your miles, summer training will inevitably mess with your sleep schedule. On top of that, marathon training is exhausting. Pilates utilizes movement and breathing to activate muscles and increase the flow of oxygen in the brain and body. This in turn boosts mood, decreases stress, and improves mindfulness. Not only will this get you through your day, but it will also help you work through those arduous, double-digit runs that are kicking your butt every week.

We at Sculpt and Sweat are passionate about propelling you towards your fitness goals and we know how dire Boston is to those in training. For runners of all shapes and speeds, come into Sculpt and Sweat and we’ll get you ready for the big race!