We know how hard it can be to find workout routines you can do every day. That’s why we believe in mixing it up! At Sculpt + Sweat, we offer a variety of classes to meet the needs of our clients. Some are beginners, some are Pilates professionals – no matter what your ability level, we have the place for you! Even if you can’t make it into the studio each day for a workout, we have compiled a few ways you can make time to work out. Read on to learn more, then give us a call to sign up for one of our packages!

Challenge Your Ideas

If you think that you don’t have time to work out, that will be your first downfall. Yes, you might not always have time for an hour long class, but we know it’s possible to make time for a workout each day. Challenge yourself to break the “I can’t” mentality and take action! Take a hard look at your schedule and see what you can rearrange to meet your goals. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to make time, follow our tips to actually see those workouts become a reality!

Walk While Children Exercise

If you have kids, you probably aren’t thinking about working out! However, if your kid is in an organized sport, use their practice time to get moving. Walk around the field and invite other parents to join you as you go. Even when your kids have indoor activities, you might find that you have just enough time to quickly go around the block and get some fresh air.

Invite Your Family Outside for Fun

Whether you’re playing catch, having a mini soccer match, or shooting hoops, you can get moving with your family. When you all have a little more time on the weekends, take them on a hike or a bike ride. Going out together will keep you motivated, and your kids’ energy will keep you pushing forward.

Workout Routines on DVD

As cheesy as they might be, there are many workout videos out there designed to get you up and moving. Whether you prefer a relaxing yoga or an upbeat dance video, you can find hundreds of options that you might actually look forward to. On that note, if you have a gaming system like a Wii, you can play some of the fitness games with your kids for a mini workout.

Take Advantage of Lunch Hour

If you work in an office or anywhere outside of your home, you most likely get a lunch break. Use your break to get up and move in some way. Your office doesn’t need to have a gym for you to walk the parking lot or around the block to get your blood pumping. Invite some of your closest coworkers to go with you. Sometimes taking walks or working out with friends can make it seem like less of a chore!

Getting Up Early

Yes, that snooze button does make an awfully nice companion in the morning. However, those extra few minutes that won’t make you feel any more well rested could be used getting a headstart on the day and your workout! Walk, stretch, do yoga, dance, run – whatever you feel you need to do to feel excited about the day ahead.

Do Active Chores

You know what we mean! The laundry isn’t that difficult, but washing the car, working outside, and planting in the garden are all chores that demand just a little bit more activity. Try to do one of these in order to feel both productive and as though you just had a killer workout. Invite your kids to join you so you can keep an eye on them and let them have some fun working with you!


On those days that you find you do have time for a longer workout, come see us! Our workout routines are always fresh and interesting, and we can’t wait to help you take full advantage of your time for a workout that will yield real results. We look forward to seeing you in our studio soon! Contact us today to learn more about the classes we offer and which class package will work best for your busy schedule.